Lenny Pozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com Father and Consultant in Newtown, Connecticut Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:34:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Around Kids It’s About Gun Safety http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2018/02/19/around-kids-its-about-gun-safety/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2018/02/19/around-kids-its-about-gun-safety/#comments Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:34:57 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=31 Continue reading ]]> A survey published in USA Today makes no sense. The question: “Should parents of kids with mental illness be allowed to have guns at home?” The answers: No 60.6% and Yes 39.4%. (The original source is Parents magazine and a place called the Child Mind Institute.).


The numbers are puzzling and the question itself is poorly worded. Nearly 40% of the people polled think it’s okay for kids with mental illnesses to be in homes with firearms? Did the risk of homicide, suicide, or accidental discharges not cross their minds as they were answering?


The scope of the question is flawed. Children are not often (accurately) diagnosed with Axis disorders until their late teens or early adulthood. Are all children diagnosed with conduct disorders dangerous to themselves or others? No. What are they really asking? Because your child has been diagnosed with a mental illness, you should or should not be allowed to own or possess a firearm? Or would a better question be, “If you own or possess a firearm and your child was ever diagnosed with a serious mental illness, which of the following gun protection devices would you use?” a. trigger lock, b. gun safe, c. all of the above, d. none of the above. The only answers are a, b, c, whether your kid is mentally ill or not. Unsecured firearms and children are like unsecured pornography and children; no matter how good you think your hiding place is in your home, they will find it.


A case from June 4, 2013 in San Diego illustrates this point as only tragedies can: a man’s 9-year-old daughter was playing in the garage with a 10-year-old boy from her neighborhood. The girl’s 14-year old brother was supposed to be babysitting both kids but wasn’t. Somehow, the two young children got their hands on the man’s 9mm pistol. It discharged and killed the 10-year-old boy with a shot to his chest. San Diego Police have not said publicly who fired the gun. The gun’s owner turned himself into police and was charged with involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment, and criminal storage of a firearm.


The man’s attorney has said the police search warrant which identified the gun’s hidden location is wrong (insert usual gasp of shock here). SDPD said their investigation suggests the gun was stored in a plastic bin in the garage, but the attorney (who was not there at the time of the incident, of course), says both the gun and the ammunition clip were hidden separately and in an “inaccessible place.” Well, then how did those two devices come together to produce the accidental but avoidable death of a child? While it’s unlikely both children possessed huge magnets, which they waved around the house and were able to attract the gun and the magazine, some act of extreme carelessness certainly occurred to put both into the hands of one child or the other at the moment when the firing pin fell on a live round.


Since the Devil is always in the details, the results of the investigation will tell the real truth. Fingerprints from the gun and photographs of the scene and the house may help. Certainly the prosecutor will use the test conclusions from the gunshot residue (GSR) swabs taken from both children’s hands to accurately determine not just who handled the gun but who fired it. Statements from the 9-year-old girl should help, as she is more likely to tell the truth at her age than any adult covering it up.


None of this will bring the dead boy back to life, of course, but if the man’s attorney can prove her client used all due diligence to keep his gun safe, then maybe he will not be convicted. But that’s a big if.


Some gun owners who believe their guns should be at the ready don’t always like impediments like trigger guards, trigger locks, gun safes, or storing their unloaded guns away from the ammunition. They say these devices or methods can be defeated and no approach guarantees complete safety. They don’t like any delay that keeps them from immediately protecting themselves or others with a loaded gun. Perhaps. But most kids don’t have safecracking or lockpicking skills. Trigger locks and gun safes offer the best line of defense for the accidental discharge of a firearm, or even its theft.


Most burglars know right where to look for a gun in a home they target: bedside nightstand, under the bed or mattress, in the bedroom closet, or in the bedroom dresser drawers. If your gun safe is locked, well-hidden, and heavy enough not to be carried out (bolting it to the floor helps), then your guns are mostly safe from misuse or theft. And even crooks who steal guns with trigger guards often destroy the gun when trying to cut the lock off.


Responsible gun owners, know that the debate about gun control in this country is complex and not possible to solve with pat yes/no, do/do not answers, platitudes, or yelling. Few issues in society create such strong feelings. But with 300 million people in the US owning an estimated 280 million guns, can’t we at least agree that an important part of gun ownership is gun safety?


A report on “60 Minutes” in the aftermath of the Newtown school shootings said that Adam Lanza’s mother had a gun safe for her collection of firearms. Unfortunately, first for her, and then for the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary, and our nation, it was kept in his bedroom and it was not locked.


This piece of information is shared by Leonard Pozner whose six-year-old son, Noah, was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December 2012. In 2014, Leonard Pozner founded the Honr Network, an organization through which he brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of Hoaxer activity that perpetuates tragedies such as Sandy Hook and, if necessary, criminally and civilly prosecutes those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high-profile tragedies and their family members.


You can learn more about the organisation by visiting here: http://www.honr.com/

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The Strange Minds Of The Conspiracy Theorists by Leonard Pozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2018/02/16/the-strange-minds-of-the-conspiracy-theorists-by-leonard-pozner/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2018/02/16/the-strange-minds-of-the-conspiracy-theorists-by-leonard-pozner/#comments Fri, 16 Feb 2018 10:06:34 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=28 Continue reading ]]> To say that conspiracies don’t take place would be naive in the extreme. After all, how do we know what ‘black’ Government departments are up to out of sight of the press or any oversight body? Conspiracy theories, it can’t be denied, are always great fun. The typical ‘did he fall – or was he pushed?’


But some of the conspiracy theorists are off the wall. To even suggest that the 9/11 bombings of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were all planned by the Government is little short of insane. We have to ask whether Mr. Bush had become so unhinged that his desperate need to start a war in Iraq caused him to blow up half of New York.


And Mr. Cheney and Mr. Rumsfeld were just as unhinged and in complete agreement? In this particular case, this particular conspiracy theory, the thing that’s so insulting and downright cruel is demeaning the names of all the brave people on those flights, and indeed those in the offices; the police, the firemen, all those who rushed to rescue the wounded and help anyone they could.


That’s what these conspiracy theorists should hang their miserable little heads in shame about.


Now, there’s a popular radio show host, who shall remain nameless, who’s convinced that Obama is a puppet of criminal bankers. When an interviewer spoke to him, this chap ranted on for two hours about all manner of alarming things. One was the fact that FEMA was running concentration camps, the firm of Halliburton had turned into child kidnappers, and that the Government was running eugenics programme.


The interviewer thought it about time to at least ask for evidence of all this. With due dramatics, he was shown a national security memorandum — which turned out to be a perfectly harmless policy report. The interviewer was a psychologist, and when he confronted this character about this simple report, the fellow became belligerent, and let forth with a garbled speech of which Hitler would have been proud, about psychologists being ‘agents of social control.’


Incidentally, no less than 36% consider that the Government played some sort of a role in 9/11, according to a 2006 Scripps News/Ohio University poll. 42% think that the Government is covering up evidence of flying saucers, and 69% believe that the Kennedy Assassination was a conspiracy.


There’s no question that it’s exciting to watch a television programme about Area 51 and wonder whether there are indeed any alien craft somewhere deep in the bowels of the complex, and/or little green or grey men helping our scientists come out with incredibly advanced technology.


The Conspiracy theorists really want the Government to come completely clean with us. Tell us exactly what they’re up to and spread every secret out on the table.


This piece of information is shared by Leonard Pozner whose six-year-old son, Noah, was killed in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in December 2012. In 2014, Leonard Pozner founded the Honr Network, an organization through which he brings awareness to the cruelty and criminality of Hoaxer activity that perpetuates tragedies such as Sandy Hook and, if necessary, criminally and civilly prosecutes those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high-profile tragedies and their family members.


You can learn more about the organisation by visiting here: http://www.honr.com/

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Will America’s Love Affair With The Gun Ever Show Signs Of Abating? Eliezer Pozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/12/19/will-americas-love-affair-with-the-gun-ever-show-signs-of-abating-eliezer-pozner/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/12/19/will-americas-love-affair-with-the-gun-ever-show-signs-of-abating-eliezer-pozner/#comments Tue, 19 Dec 2017 12:06:23 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=26 Continue reading ]]> Another tragedy, and yet another baffling and muted response


Once again the debate on gun control was reignited following another mass shooting, this time at a bible meeting at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina, in which 9 people were slain by a lone gunman.


It was widely reported that the perpetrator had immersed himself in an ideology of white supremacy, with photos released of him wearing a jacket adorned with flags synonymous with apartheid and racial segregation. In the pictures he is also holding the Confederate flag, now viewed by many as a symbol of racial oppression with its historic links to slavery in the Deep South, and an outdated and offensive relic that should now be consigned to history, and of course a pistol.


America’s love affair with the gun continues to hold sway, a political hot potato, with the familiar arguments batted away by gun lobbyists to counter any dissenting voices to their modus operandi, and maintain the status quo, as if this was a ‘rite of passage’ that should not be denied them. Chastened and dismayed their opposition are left will little option but to back down.


Distrustful of their government, could it be that many gun owners in the USA prefer a more combative lifestyle on some profound level, and gun ownership is one extension of this? Protection against any perceived threats, real or imagined. Perhaps taking the view that if there are casualties then this is only to be expected, as if in the midst of a battle, and it is therefore the mission that matters most.


The USA has had countless opportunities to change course down the years and has to date failed to achieve this. One might even conclude that if the killings of 20 school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School couldn’t stimulate enough true desire for change then alas nothing will, and all the bickering and politicking will likely be in vain.


With the passage of time, one fears it will not be long before the shock and revulsion of this latest tragedy subsides, if it hasn’t already, and normal service is resumed. America has chosen its own destiny, and we are its powerless bystanders.

Also read here: Ways to Make Your Community Safe from Gun Violence by Eliezer Pozner

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Professor James Tracy Continues to Antagonize Eliezer Pozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/12/15/professor-james-tracy-continues-to-antagonize-eliezer-pozner/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/12/15/professor-james-tracy-continues-to-antagonize-eliezer-pozner/#comments Fri, 15 Dec 2017 12:01:30 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=25 Continue reading ]]> Professor James Tracy presently continues to antagonize me, despite his legal tribulations with FAU surrounding his views on the validity of the Sandy Hook shooting and my son Noah’s death. In 2015, an article published about the Professor’s harassment of myself and my then wife prompted him to write a letter to the Florida Sun-Sentinel, accusing us of being frauds and collecting money on our son’s death, which he insisted was faked. The letter was published, which angered him.


Even as he testified before a judge Friday, December 1st, 2017, and claimed that “much of the letter he sent the Sun-Sentinel was written by one of the co-authors of the book [Nobody Died at Sandy Hook…]”, and that he “merely edited it and sent it to the newspaper’s editorial page”, his MemoryHole Blog site sits rife with hit pieces vilifying me to his thousands, if not tens of thousands of followers and supporters.


According to the article below, Professor Tracy in the courtroom “walked back” his former statements in the letter he sent to the Florida Sun-Sentinel back in 2015, where he proclaimed, “the Pozners, alas, are as phony as the drill itself and profiting handsomely from the fake death of their son.”


Standing before a court of law, he adjusts his position to portray himself in a more favorable light for the sole purpose of self preservation, yet he continues to advance defamatory rhetoric in his blog about me, my family, and my murdered child, inciting hate and malice that endangers me as well as those that I love and strive to protect.


Read the full story here: http://www.honr.com/fau-james-tracy-death-threat-convicted/

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Innocence Lost: Parents Plead with Americans to Lay Down their Arms http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/07/09/innocence-lost-parents-plead-with-americans-to-lay-down-their-arms/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/07/09/innocence-lost-parents-plead-with-americans-to-lay-down-their-arms/#comments Sun, 09 Jul 2017 08:34:45 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=24 Continue reading ]]> Heaven’s Rocking Chair: A Poem by Ron Tranmer

Are there rocking chairs in Heaven
where little babies go?
Do the angels hold you closely
and rock you to and fro?


Do they talk silly baby talk
to get a smile or two,
and sing the sleepy lullabies
I used to sing to you?

My heart is aching for you,
My angel child so dear.
You brought such joy into my life,
the short time you were here.


I know you’re in a happy place,
and in God’s loving care.
I dream each night I’m rocking you
in Heaven’s rocking chair.


It’s my very favorite place.
I feel closer to you there.
We rock the hours away.
Me and your Teddy Bear.


The rocking chair is squeaking,
as rocking chairs will do.
I pretend the one I’m holding
isn’t Teddy Bear, but you.


I miss your little chubby cheeks.
They were so fun to kiss.
Cuddling you, and hearing you goo
are among the things I miss.

Precious memories of you linger

My child, I miss you so.

I hope one day my heart will heal.

It’s hard to let you go.


When in time God calls me home
to be with you up there;
With joy, I’ll hold you in my arms
instead of Teddy Bear.


This Poem was written By Ron Tranmer © The writer of this article does not claim ownership of the poem in any way but has chosen it from the internet for its relevance to the subject manner. This is a beautiful poem Mr. Tranmer. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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President Trump Under Pressure to Take Stand Against Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorists http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/05/06/president-trump-under-pressure-to-take-stand-against-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theorists/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/05/06/president-trump-under-pressure-to-take-stand-against-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theorists/#comments Sat, 06 May 2017 05:08:55 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=23 Continue reading ]]> (HARTFORD, Conn.) — The Board of Education in Newtown, Connecticut, is waiting to hear back from President Donald Trump after asking him to take a stand against conspiracy theorists.


A letter it sent to the president asks him to publicly reject those who question facts regarding the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including the radio host Alex Jones.


The White House this week told The Associated Press that Trump has been clear that “we, as a nation, are united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms.”


One man whose son was killed at Sandy Hook says he doesn’t think the president would be able to help much because conspiracy theories are rooted in mistrust of government.Leonard Pozner is among the victims’ relatives who have faced harassment from people who claim the shooting was staged.


This article is originally published here: http://time.com/4745178/donald-trump-newtown-sandy-hook-conspiracy-theorists/

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Prevent Yourself from Becoming the Victim of A Public Mass Shooting http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/05/01/prevent-yourself-from-becoming-the-victim-of-a-public-mass-shooting/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/05/01/prevent-yourself-from-becoming-the-victim-of-a-public-mass-shooting/#comments Mon, 01 May 2017 05:35:56 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=22 Continue reading ]]> In the aftermath of horrific tragedies such as the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Orlando Pulse nightclub, Santa Barbara, the Aurora Theater, and even the Boston Marathon bombing, an offensive element of society, known as ‘truthers’ have seized the opportunity to advance their conspiracy theorist mindset upon the masses, by posting a litany of various forms of speculation and disinformation on YouTube and social media sites.


It has become apparent that mass public shootings are becoming more and more common in American society. We can no longer go about our daily lives with the belief that we are safe while out in public. Those innocent victims in the Omaha shooting entered that mall with no concerns for their safety because malls are supposed to be safe. In American society we have always had the understanding that public places are rarely the scene of violent crimes. A criminal would much rather find a potential victim who is not in a crowded public place because the odds of getting caught are high much higher.


The problem is that with these mass public shootings we are not dealing with a typical criminal who wants to commit his/her crime and then get away. The person planning the mass public shooting has no intentions of getting away because he/she fully intends to commit suicide or be killed by the Police. The mass shooter chooses a public place because it is full of innocent and usually unarmed civilians who are easy victims. The mass shooter wants to kill as many people as quickly as he can which is why the crowded public places are chosen.


It does us no good to try and understand why these people decide to murder innocent people before killing themselves or being killed by the Police. The human mind is complex and not fully understood and we may never know what triggers a person to commit mass murder. The important thing is for civilians to understand that the mass public shooting rampage is a real threat and steps need to be taken to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Here are ideas by Lenny Pozner (who lost his little son Noah Pozner at the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School) on keeping yourself safer while in public places:


1. Obtain a concealed firearms permit

Seriously look into obtaining a concealed firearms permit if your state allows it. More and more criminals are carrying concealed firearms so it only makes sense for you to carry one. Having a concealed firearm permit is a huge responsibility and it is not meant for everyone. Each state has their own rules for who can apply for a concealed firearms permit and the rules are meant to weed out those individuals who have no business carrying concealed firearms. You know yourself better than anyone and if you don’t think you are responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm, then don’t.


2. Purchase a firearm that is right for you

Find a local shooting range or shooting club and talk with someone who is an expert in the field of firearms. Tell this person that you are interested in obtaining information on handgun models for concealed carrying. This is an important step because if you intend on carrying a gun concealed in your waist band you don’t want to buy a big bulky gun. Women have it made because they have a lot of options on what type of gun to buy because they can carry the gun in their purse. Men have to conceal a handgun in their waist band, pants pocket, ankle holster, or carry a fanny pack.


3. Become proficient with your firearm

Don’t even consider being a candidate for a concealed firearms permit if you don’t have the time or desire to go to the shooting range. If you can’t hit the targets at the shooting range, how can you engage an armed homicidal subject in a crowded public place. When it comes to becoming proficient with a handgun you have to practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more. You don’t have to become an expert marksman but you need to be proficient with your handgun. Think of your handgun as a tool that you have to aide you in staying safe and you need to know how to operate your tool


4. Think like an off-duty cop while in public places

Constantly scan your surroundings for signs of danger or suspicious activity. This comes naturally for Police Officers because our job is all about watching and observing people and our surroundings. Look for a person or persons who are acting out of the norm for a law-abiding civilian who is in a public place. A person wearing heavy clothing during warm months or someone looking around frantically can be suspicious. When you start watching people in public you will see that 99.9% of the people go about their business in the same fashion. Scan the area the furthest away from you for signs of distress or danger such as people running, yelling, or a crowd gathering. Think of yourself as a walking human surveillance camera. You are walking around the public place and the whole time you are scanning and analyzing the people around you. Do it long enough and it will become 2nd nature as it is with Police Officers.


5. Know the layout of the public place that you are visiting

If you know the layout of the public place that you are visiting you will be better prepared to escape in the event of a life-threatening situation. Know the exit/entrance ways so you wont have to think about an escape route during a dangerous situation. During a life-threatening situation in a public place, avoid using the main exits because those areas could very well be a trap. Someone intent on murder would choose the most crowded areas of a public place which are typically the main entrance points.


6. Have a plan in case you find yourself in the middle of a public shooting

Spending time on a tactical team taught me the importance of having a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Have a general plan in your head that you will implement if you find yourself in one of these dangerous situations. A plan could be something like this.

1. Find cover and concealment
2. Call 911 if possible
3. Retreat from source of danger when safe (don’t run blindly)
4. Have handgun ready (if you have a concealed firearms permit) and be prepared to act!


Our society is seeing more and more of these mass public shootings and there is no reason to believe that we have seen the last shooting rampage. The least you can do to increase your odds of staying safe is to be cognizant and aware that one of these mass public shootings can happen in any of the public places you frequent. If you choose to explore the possibility of obtaining a concealed firearms permit, contact your local law enforcement headquarters for more information.

Also read: Newtown Shooting Must Be Catalyst for Change

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Sandy Hook Truthers are The Worst http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/04/25/sandy-hook-truthers-are-the-worst/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/04/25/sandy-hook-truthers-are-the-worst/#comments Tue, 25 Apr 2017 12:27:08 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=21 Continue reading ]]> Lenny Pozner’s young son died in the Sandy Hook mass killing. Conspiracy theorists believe the killing was staged. Pozner’s efforts to educate them, to prove that his son died, only resulted in relentless trolling and harassment. Yet he keeps trying: “I’m going to have to protect Noah’s honor for the rest of my life,” he says.


To further his cause, Pozner has created an organization, called the HONR Network, whose goal is to “bring awareness to Hoaxer activity” and “prosecute those who wittingly and publicly defame, harass, and emotionally abuse the victims of high profile tragedies.” Since there is no criminal law that protects families like Pozner’s from the darker impulses of the Internet, he and his volunteers — folks he met virtually, when he began debunking — perform a slow and painful task. Whenever a video or a screed appears online attacking the victims of a horrible event, they alert venues like YouTube that their rules have been broken. The victories have been small. Though they’ve removed hundreds of links from the Internet, there are countless more like them.


“I know that the more garbage that is out there, the more it ages over time, the more the myth becomes accepted as a disgusting historical fact that tries to dismiss the existence of my child,” says Lenny Pozner. “I mean, damn it, his life had value. He existed. He was real. How dare they.”


Pozner occupies a place I know many are becoming familiar with: hoping that conspiracy theorists and other obsessives are arguing in good faith, but knowing, deep down, that it’s not the case. The subject at hand (and whatever human cost comes with it) is just an excuse to lash out and to justify that behavior.

The HONR Network [honr.com]

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Woman Charged in Sending Death Threats to Leonard Pozner, Father of Child Killed at Sandy Hook Pleads Not Guilty http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/01/31/woman-charged-in-sending-death-threats-to-leonard-pozner-father-of-child-killed-at-sandy-hook-pleads-not-guilty/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/01/31/woman-charged-in-sending-death-threats-to-leonard-pozner-father-of-child-killed-at-sandy-hook-pleads-not-guilty/#comments Tue, 31 Jan 2017 10:44:00 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=18 Continue reading ]]> A Florida woman has pleaded not guilty on charges that she sent death threats across state lines to a man whose son was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Prosecutors told the judge that Lucy Richards, 57, told FBI agents after her arrest that she’d been “looking at these sites about government hoaxes” and “got angry,” leading her to threaten Leonard Pozner.


Pozner’s son Noah was the youngest Sandy Hook victim, just five years old when he was killed by the gunman. Leonard Pozner has since dedicated himself to fighting truthers who claim that Sandy Hook and other mass casualties are staged events. He also founded the HONR Network, which says it supports families being targeted by what they call “hoaxers.”


Pozner has spoken frequently about James F. Tracy, the conspiracy blogger and former professor who demanded certified proof that Noah had ever lived. Richards, according to a Sun-Sentinel account of her arraignment hearing, hasn’t held a job in over a decade, can’t drive, uses a walker, and gets by each month on $900 in disability assistance and SNAP benefits:


Richards used a walker and wore furry black house slippers, black pants and a flowery top in court. The former waitress, who said she has been unemployed since 2004, spoke in a soft voice and told the judge she is receiving Social Security disability assistance.


Richards is being charged with four felony counts of transmitting threats across state lines. She pleaded not guilty at an arraignment on Monday. She reportedly doesn’t have a computer, but uses her cell phone to access the internet. After perusing those unnamed websites, she’s accused of sending Mr. Leonard Pozner three voicemails (“You gonna die, death is coming to you real soon,” was one of the messages, prosecutors say) and one email, which allegedly contained the words, “Look behind you it is death.” NBC Miami reports that Richards said her only previous arrest was for theft, for stealing “two sandwiches” due to hunger.


Richards, who is represented by a federal public defender, remains free on bond. She’s been ordered to seek mental health treatment, stay off conspiracy websites, and avoid contacting any Sandy Hook families. If convicted, she faces a maximum of 20 years in prison.

http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2017/01/31/woman-charged-in-sending-death-threats-to-leonard-pozner-father-of-child-killed-at-sandy-hook-pleads-not-guilty/feed/ 0
The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers by Lenny Pozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2016/12/30/the-twisted-cruelty-of-sandy-hook-hoaxers-by-lenny-pozner/ http://lennypozner.bcz.com/2016/12/30/the-twisted-cruelty-of-sandy-hook-hoaxers-by-lenny-pozner/#comments Fri, 30 Dec 2016 11:37:16 +0000 lennypozner http://lennypozner.bcz.com/?p=16 Continue reading ]]> After Adam Lanza brutally murdered 26 women and children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, parents and relatives of the victims still relive the terror of that fateful day along with the daily anguish and torment they suffer over the loss of their loved ones. Worse, they have to suffer the onslaught of delusional conspiracy theorists, commonly called hoaxers, who claim Sandy Hook was a “false flag” event concocted by the government as a pretext to gun confiscation.


As a parent of one of the murdered students, Noah Pozner, Lenny Pozner has worked to debunk and stop the cruel and hateful hoaxers who use the Internet to spread their lies. Recently, some hoaxers have stepped up the intensity of their twisted campaign in an effort to draw more people into this destructive tale of misinformation and continue to disrupt the lives of victims’ families.


In the immediate aftermath of the senseless atrocity, the hoaxers labeled virtually everyone in Newtown as involved in the alleged plot to fake the shootings, including police, medical personnel and — most egregiously — the parents whose young children had just been slaughtered. Bloggers and YouTubers from across the Internet accused these grief-stricken parents of being paid actors and told them that their children never existed. Emergency responders and school staff, whose acts of heroism saved lives and helped mitigate the tragedy, were likewise scoffed at and accused of playing parts in this so-called scripted event.


Fortunately, saner minds generally have prevailed in this war of fact over fiction. Diligent researchers pored through mountains of evidence from multiple sources, including the voluminous final report submitted by the state of Connecticut, and thoroughly debunked the multiple false theories and claims proffered by the hoaxer community. As a result, much of the hysteria died down and many former skeptics were relieved to learn that their suspicions were unfounded.


Unfortunately, there still exists a small but obsessive faction of hoaxers who are either unable or unwilling to objectively discern the hard facts from among the fleeting hunches and groundless accusations. Others are well aware of the truth but exploit the tragedy for their own aggrandizement. Regardless of their motivation, all have one thing in common: They persist in stalking and harassing the Sandy Hook parents and others intimately connected to the tragedy.


Among their most active leaders is Tony Mead, apparently a resident of Florida. For several months, this serial cyber stalker has hosted a Facebook page where he has amassed a cult following of like-minded hoaxers who ravenously feed off each other’s paranoia and hatred for anyone who was affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.


This is not a place where meaningful discussions are held or investigative inquiries are made. This is a place where strategies are plotted against grieving relatives and children’s identities are stolen and exploited to fulfill a twisted fantasy.

Mead’s contempt for the slain children is evidenced by the image that graces his Facebook page: A pale-white little girl with dark rings around her eyes. She is dirty, as if she has just crawled from the grave. A filthy forefinger is pressed against her pursed lips. Her devious grin implying that she is an undead or zombie child who is keeping a deadly secret from the gullible masses


The conversations held on this page are a morbid reflection of that image. Anyone stumbling upon this page by accident could easily mistake it as a meeting place for necrophiliacs and child predators. Photographs of the slain children are posted along with derogatory comments, often accusing them of being actors themselves or part of a satanic cult. Parents of these murdered children are regarded with the utmost contempt. Some posters make threats, while others fantasize about putting parents and others they consider conspirators away behind bars.


Mead, like his ally and fellow hoaxer Wolfgang Halbig, has expressed his desire to dig up the dead children. Though these hoaxers claim the corpses would serve as proof of the victims’ deaths, their actions tell an entirely different story of complete disregard for the families grieving the tragedy they know to be all too real. Their actions speak to a continued desire to dig through the lives and exhume the pain of all those who have been affected by the brutality displayed at Sandy Hook Elementary School — and who want nothing more than for their lost loved ones to rest in peace.
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